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Written by Susan Wade.

shakedown pmShakedown Nationals founder-promoter Dave Hance reflected proudly on the quality of competition at the recent Shakedown Nationals that he said was his last after a 10-year run at New Jersey’s Old Bridge Township Raceway Park. A nearly six-hour down-time because of electrical/computer system failure played a big role in the financial bottom line for Hance. “Can you just imagine what we would be talking about had that timing system not failed?” he asked. “That Pro Mod field was just — . . . You had the West Coast champion, the Canadian champion, the Northeast champion. You had three of the top guys in the NHRA and ADRL there. You just had a nice sampling of everybody — killer field. For a non-NHRA field, pretty good — because there’s not too much quarter-mile stuff besides NHRA. Pretty crazy stuff.” Old Bridge Township Raceway Park is acres of asphalt, concrete, steel, metal, dirt, mud, and trees near the New Jersey burg of Englishtown. But to Dave Hance it’s youth, adventure, sentiment, nostalgia, grassroots racing, dreams, and fulfillment.

“When I was 15 years old, I went to that place without a driver’s license, and my friends and I took an old Buick that my older brother loaned me down that track. He never knew it, but we did it. We took that Buick down that track more times — we drove the wheels off that thing. Then we all piled in the car and drove all the way back to New York City,” Hance said with a laugh and a sense of longing. “So the track has tremendous, tremendous sentimental value.”

That’s why he has been hurting since making a decision late last week to end The Shakedown Nationals. The Northeast drag race has grown from six cars 10 years ago to a East Coast classic with worldwide acclaim that attracted more cars than some NHRA and ADRL events, along with top outlaw, street-legal drivers.

But Hance is giving it up, he said Thursday, because he and Raceway Park cannot agree on terms for a 2013 edition.

“At this moment there’s no desire to do anything anymore,” he said. “I can’t put myself and my family at risk. The [sensible] risk-reward [ratio] is not there.

“I feel we need to work out a more equitable distribution of the income. They were not willing to do that,” Hance said. “Moving forward, we accepted this loss.”

shakedown top sportsmanThe Top Sportsman class debut at The Shakedown Nationals yielded a pleasant surprise, Hance said. “We offered Top Sportsman and we were concerned about having a full 16-car field, because we had Top Sportsman being contested at Maple Grove Raceway with the Dutch Classic. And lo and behold, we came up with 34 of them. He said initial comments went along the lines of: “Englishtown? Top Sportsman? And eighth-mile? And with the Dutch Classic? You’ll be lucky to get 16.”The Oct. 12-14 10th anniversary Shakedown — under the banner of “The Shakedown Nationals” rather than the traditional “Shakedown at E-Town” — resulted in a financial setback, in large part because of a six-hour delay because the computer/electrical systems crashed during Saturday qualifying.

Hance said he sought a lower track-rental fee for 2013, because his research has proven to be — by his estimation — about “three times the cost of any other place.” He said the reduced fee he requested is “still above market value.”

Raceway Park’s response, he said, was that “they are unable to accommodate me. With that and knowing that I took a loss, they couldn’t help me out with that. I would have thought that they could have given me at least a 10-percent discount after that fiasco with the timing systems. It was maybe not their fault, but it’s their place. They should give some kind of concession. They offered nothing, did nothing.

“Going forward to next year, we’re not able to adjust anything off, so it was not a good business plan or business model for me.  I’ll just move on,” Hance said.

Shopping the event to other tracks is something Hance said he is not interested in doing at this time.

“I’ll never say never, but it’s very unlikely I would take this race anywhere else. For years I said I wouldn’t, and there’s no desire,” he said.

“Some of the employees I’ve known since I was in my early 20s,” the 44-year-old Hance said. “I just have an attachment to the place.

“It’s good to be done. I just really loved doing it at that track. I don’t know what the hang-up is on that track,” he said, “but it makes it all worthwhile. Going someplace else, it doesn’t have the same feel. And I know it doesn’t really make sense, but that’s how I feel.”

Saying, “I guess it’s not a two-way love affair. It’s a one-way love affair,” Hance shared with Competition Plus what he wanted for the Shakedown to continue and why, how he feels about his decision in retrospect, and what he takes away from 10 years of his race’s explosive growth and record-setting performances.

“At this moment there’s no desire to do anything anymore. In fact, I was just thinking how nice it’s going to be in August — because August, which is six weeks before the event, is when we start to work hard on the event. And every summer, in August, it’s all about the race. And now I’m going to have a nice August and a nice September. It has been a lot of years since we’ve had one, an August where things were carefree. It’s like a load off my back. I need a little bit more of a break.”

* * *

“You have one lady, Michelle [Marchese], working on it part-time and myself working on it part-time. So what happened [at the Oct. 12-14 Shakedown Nationals] is all the more impressive, when you consider this not a whole team, not a full slate of employees. It’s two people who love it to death and are doing the best they can, with some friends stepping up and giving us a little bump here and there. We couldn’t do it without Michelle and Eddie Krawiec — and they both do vastly different things. Michelle’s job leading up to the event [and throughout and afterward] is critical. And he takes charge of the situation. It was nice working with [Raceway Park co-owner] David Napp. I felt comfortable with him being in charge in the tower.”

* * *

“For 10 years, and for the 10th year for the event to be what it was — wow. It was a great event — I would venture to say it could be considered the top independent — non-ADRL, non-NHRA — drag race in the country and maybe the world. Do you know of another stand-alone race that has everything from Pro Mod down through 8.50 Index, something for everyone? If you had a car, you fit somewhere. We even had motorcycles. And no class paid less than $5,000. I don’t know of one.”

* * *

“Who knows? The track may continue on with it. They have the weekend. They might not call it that [The Shakedown Nationals], they might drop a few classes, but who’s to say that the track is not going to continue it?” Competition Plus: How difficult was this decision?
Dave Hance: “It was a tough, tough decision. I thought about it when I realized I took a loss. I said I’ve got be done with it. How can I work hundreds of hours and just come away with nothing? And not only come away with nothing but have to pay out of my pocket? So I was going to be done there. But I said, ‘Let me try, moving forward, to make a deal for next year so I have a better chance of this not happening.’  They came back, cold as ice, with ‘We cannot accommodate your request.’

“I defended them like it was my own track. I defended that family like they were my own family. And I’m just another number, just another business associate?  After 10 years you would think that there would be some kind of camaraderie, some kind of more personal [relationship]. But it’s just black and white, numbers. But that’s why I’m in the place I’m in.

“It’s got to be worth something. We represented them as best we could. Sure, there were problems, but we worked it out. They just knew we weren’t going to do anything to embarrass them or cause their track a problem or hurt them [or do anything detrimental to Raceway Park]. We had their best interest in mind when we did anything.”

CP: Why do you want to abandon The Shakedown Nationals so quickly after a 10th anniversary race that yes, had glitches, but did have entertaining racing?

DH: “I’m not going to say ‘abandon,’ but I just think I put my time in. There was no heads-up [drag racing] in the Northeast United States when we started. That’s why we started it. Heads-up drag racing in the Northeast is much better today than it was 10 years ago. We played a small role in that, and I’m happy.”

CP:  Do you believe you are walking away as a success?
DH: “The race itself I consider a huge success. We sold 271 tech cards. So for 10 consecutive years, car counts were up. I believe this year it looked to be the biggest [Shakedown] crowd I’ve ever seen. I’ve been to a lot of races, and it’s probably one of the biggest crowds for a non-NHRA, non-ADRL race. It’s even better than the existing ADRL crowds.

“From a financial standpoint it’s a disaster.  With the time I have in it and what I take out of it, it really doesn’t make sense. But it’s not about the dollar. It never was. Nevertheless, I don’t have to keep doing that. We gave, and that’s it.”

dave hance carHis post-Shakedown plans, Hance said, include “definitely try[ing] to continue to race. We’re going to try to spend some time getting a sponsor.” He said he was especially satisfied that he leaped to the No. 3 qualifying position in a strong Pro Modified field. “That’s big for me. We’re a low-budget team with a 2000-model car, which was probably one of the oldest cars in the field. We were one of the heaviest cars in the field, 105 pounds overweight. And we still placed No. 3. I was pretty happy with that. It had a brand-new motor and combination, and it paid dividends.”CP: Would you be interested in modifying your own program? Because a muffled 8.50 Index class is the only one permitted to run on Friday, would you be interested in trimming some of the classes for the sake of time consumption?
DH:  “No. In all honesty, the classes that run Friday night were only 8.50, Radial Tire, Limited Street and X275. At the end of the day, they would end up with four and possibly five qualifiers between the two days. They don’t have to run Friday night. We were running 8.50, so we said, ‘Ah, let’s throw these guys in, too,’ just to get a few more spectators. But that’s not a sticking point and not certainly something that I have to have, although I liked having it. It’s definitely not something that I could not live without. I didn’t have it for many years. So that’s definitely not  a sticking point.”

CP: It seems you and Raceway Park should be able to find a happy medium.
DH:  “It’s a little bit difficult for me. It’s way too risky. I can’t put on a race and risk taking a loss. [I went for] reducing the track rental and letting me sell my own Shakedown memorabilia — which I should be able to do. They were generally not receptive to either thing and could not accommodate those requests. You’ve got to ask yourself, ‘Wow. Is [the fee Hance is offering not enough] for a weekend? It’s probably double what every other track would get.  It’s a busy concession weekend. They sold out of  food. They sold out of T-shirts. Is it such a big deal to let Dave sell his own stuff? After all, they sold out at the end, just like in years past — and you can verify it — on Saturday almost everything in apparel they had relating to Shakedown was sold out. There was pretty much nothing left to sell on Sunday.  [I wanted to] sell my own apparel, but apparently it was an issue.”
CP: How would you describe your mood now?
dave hance personHance rejected the notion he was trying to be too many things to too many people, with eight classes. “That’s not the problem. There’s no problem with that,” he said. “I pay them [Raceway Park] three times over the market value [comparatively] for what a track rental goes for. I just wanted to reduce it so maybe I’m only paying double the market value. I wasn’t even asking for market value.” He said his question for Raceway Park was “Can you live with two times what the next most expensive track changes?” He said, “They could not. He said he asked, “Can you allow me to sell my own exclusive Shakedown stuff?” Again, he said, “They could not.” So he said he decided, “It’s just a matter of making it worthwhile for me to do it. That’s what it’s about.”DH:  “It’s a combination of somber and relieved.
“It’s a lot of pressure. I think we did a really good thing and we made a lot of people happy. It was a really good program. It wasn’t easy getting there. You worry about a lot of small details. It just becomes pressure. I don’t have that pressure, so I’m  relieved. But also I feel bad for a lot of other people. It’s almost like somebody died. I spent 25 percent of my life working on this deal.”
CP: What made you happiest about putting on a Shakedown race?
DH:  “Several things. But one of things I’d have to say was the records that were set. Every year, several door-car records were reset at Englishtown at The Shakedown.  Our event provided records. The Pro Mod record — the quickest a door car has ever gone — happened at The Shakedown. That was Scott Cannon [who recorded a 5.738-second pass in 2008]. The 10.5 class was always a power. Even Radial (Limited Street) is running 4.20 now. That’s crazy. Everybody runs their personal best at this event, and that makes me happy. It’s some of the best competition in the world. I truly love the track — always have and always will. For years and years and years it has a special place in my heart. It really does.”

CP:  So it’s simply an economic issue?
DH:  “It’s just not feasible.

“There are some out there saying I got screwed. No, I did not get screwed, not by any means. I made the deal to do the race again this year. They did not hold a gun to my head. Did I think the track rental is excessive? Yeah, but I entered into the deal. My intentions were to still come out ahead and make a few bucks. I didn’t, but that’s not their fault. They honored their end of the bargain. Other than the timing deal, they gave me everything they promised they would. I did not get a screwing. It just didn’t work out for me. I’m moving forward. I tried to take the steps necessary to give me a better chance at being successful next year. And they were not able or not willing to change the terms on their end. That’s whole story there.”


hance with identiableDespite saying financial reasons are forcing him to call it quits with his Shakedown Nationals, Hance said he still identifies with Raceway Park and Englishtown: “You say, ‘Englishtown sucks,’ you say, ‘Dave sucks.’ I love, love, love Englishtown. The employees I have a great love and affection for. I feel they work extra-hard at The Shakedown.”

shakedown staging lanesBefore past negotiations with Raceway Park, Hance said, he had inquired at other facilities, for the sake of comparison only, what their track-rental fees are and discovered that a turnkey event such as the Shakedown Nationals ranged from one-third of Raceway Park’s fee to less than half of the fee. He said the inclusions were the same or comparable. He said he sought quotes from track operators for whom an event like this “is not their first rodeo, by any means.”

shakedown winners circleHance said some Internet-borne criticism during the lengthy computer down-time “doesn’t bother me. I can give crap and take crap with the best of them. That was not a factor.” He did say he was upset that for “the first time in 10 years . . . the Monday after the Shakedown . . . people had issues with the event. In nine years, we had not lot of complaints. This one, other than the timing issue when we didn’t get done Sunday night because we had the qualifying Sunday morning and that pushed us back and we missed [four] finals. Other than that, racers had no real complaints.” Reaction by fans, Raceway Park employees, and racers was “positive and very supportive, and we appreciate that. People thanked us for 10 years of service.”

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NAPP EXPLAINS RACEWAY PARK’S STANCE REGARDING SHAKEDOWN Filed under: drag racing news| Raceway Park News| Shakedown 2012 Drag Racing News |

Written by Susan Wade; Photo by Roger Richards

david nappIn response to Shakedown Nationals founder-promoter Dave Hance’s decision late last week to end the popular race that has been part of Old Bridge Township Raceway Park’s calendar for a decade, track co-owner David Napp visited with Competition Plus about the facility’s limitations for the ever-growing event.
He spoke with Competition Plus about the track’s legal parameters, the computer crash that cost Hance considerable time and money during Saturday qualifying, and whether Raceway Park still wants to do business with New York Motorsports.

Competition Plus: What’s Raceway Park’s point of view on the most recent Shakedown developments?
David Napp: “In regards to what? There have been a couple of different issues.”
CP:  What’s Raceway Park’s reaction to Dave Hance’s decision this past week not to return with The Shakedown Nationals after 10 years?
DN:  “Raceway Park’s point of view on the whole things is that we are obviously sad to see the event go. We’ve had a great working relationship with everybody on the Shakedown team, especially Dave and Michelle. It’s unfortunate but ultimately their decision on what they want to do.  I was surprised to hear they weren’t going to be continuing, but I think that they’ve done a great job over the last 10 years. If anything were to ever change, Raceway Park would be welcoming to any ideas or anything they’d want to do in the future.  We’ve enjoyed working with them. They’re a professional group. They put on a great event. They got national attention, and that’s not an easy thing to do in drag racing, especially for an independent group that’s simply putting on one event. It’s one thing to have a successful series, but to have just one successful event stand out, that’s not easy.”
CP: Could you straighten out some confusion, please, regarding whether Dave Hance’s decision was a reaction to something Raceway Park said to him? It’s hard to imagine Dave Hance walking away from Raceway Park.
DN:  “There were discussions between Dave and my brother Alex [a co-owner of raceway Park] and myself. I’m not comfortable going into detail with it. But basically, with our parameters — the legal parameters we have to operate under in regards to noise — the event was getting large to the point that we simply couldn’t accommodate additional class qualifying on Friday. And they had changed the name to The Shakedown Nationals, I believe, in the hope of making it more like a national event. But Raceway Park simply doesn’t have the noise-allotted days in the month of October to conduct the event. We just don’t. If we were another racetrack and we had no noise curfews and we could run Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday or whatever, I think we probably would be having a different conversation. But we’re under very strict regulations. It’s my feeling the Shakedown was at a point to either take a big leap into becoming an even larger event or perhaps Dave just said, ‘If I can’t be bigger and better, then I don’t want to do it at all.’ I don’t know. You’d have to speak to him. There was discussion after the event about doing more qualifying on the Friday of the event. And I told Dave directly, ‘We would love to accommodate your needs. We simply are legally bound by the regulations we have to follow. Otherwise we would be jeopardizing our racing license. And it’s not something we’re willing to do. He has known what we are able to do. Unfortunately we’re unable to accommodate some of the requests he would have moving forward. Unfortunately, the response that I got from him was ‘OK. I’ll be releasing a press release.’ I haven’t directly heard from David that he’s not doing the event. I heard that from Michelle, who works tightly with him. But I had not hear directly that the event was not going on. I assumed that it would be moving to another facility. And of course, we would wish David and his group well in any of their endeavors, because we’ve had such a great working relationship with him over these last 10 years. But not only that, he’s a racer we see at the racetrack all the time. He’s one of our buddies. We’ve ended our professional relationship with regards to his event, but there’s certainly no bad blood. He’s a great friend. He’s a great guy. He’s a laugh-riot to be around. We look forward to seeing him back at the races soon.”
CP: I got the impression from Dave Hance’s statement that it was Raceway Park that initiated the split, saying, in essence, “We can’t do this anymore. Good luck.”
DN: “Not exactly. Basically, we honestly spoke about some issues that we had at the event this year. And the e-mail David had sent [said], ‘Hey, thanks. Thank your crew. We were a little disappointed here, disappointed there — which is normal for an event. You go through what were the pluses, what were the minuses. And we replied to that e-mail. And he also had mentioned that he was looking forward to 2013, that he wanted to change some of the aspects of the event that included more qualifying on the Friday, which, as you know, is the muffled-only day. So anything that runs then has to be a muffled car. with the limits of our time parameters, we explained to Dave that we would not be able to accommodate his request of having more qualifying during Friday. In fact, we actually informed him — we did tell him that we would only be able to have the 8.50 Index qualifying on Friday. We felt the decibels were just too loud in the other classes that qualified on Friday. Again, we don’t have the ability to run anything loud on Friday. We let him know that we’re looking forward to moving forward but for next year we’re not going to be able to do anything other than 8.50. So I guess he wanted to do more qualifying and we know that we need to do less qualifying. I don’t know if that was the deciding factor. I do know that it was one area that we were unable to accommodate the Shakedown Nationals’ needs. But certainly in no way was there anything said to Dave, saying, ‘Dave, thank you and good luck in the future but we can no longer host your event.’ That would absolutely never occur. We were hoping that we would have the 11th annual Shakedown in 2013. But there have been additions. The classes have gotten bigger. The event has grown. And we just feel that we can’t  –  we don’t have the days to make the noise. It’s that simple. If that event needs to become a three-day national event, then it has to move elsewhere, because I don’t have the noise days on our schedule. We have noise days for the nationals and for divisional meet, but there are very few additional days where we’re able to make noise. We’re able to make noise from Sundays at 10 a.m. until 7:30 p.m., Wednesdays from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m., then we have a few specialty race events which include three Family-Fun Monster Truck thrill shows, our U.S. Diesel Truck Nationals, the Lucas Oil [divisional] event and the nationals [NHRA Summernationals]. That’s all we have. We would love to be able to say, ‘Yeah. We’ll pull a noise day out of the magician’s hat, along with a rabbit.’  But we just can’t.”      
shakedown napp interviewCP:  So what we’re hearing you say is that you’re not opposed to the idea of a Shakedown 2013. You are only saying that if  Dave were to make accommodations or tweaks to his program that accommodated your noise times and your curfew times that you’re bound by, then you would certainly be interested in having another Shakedown, correct?
DN: “I would say that Raceway Park is open working with race promoters that can work within our parameters, whether it be the Shakedown or a music concert or whatever. There are certain guidelines that we are legally bound to follow, and any race promoter who  wants to try to run an event with us we would certainly listen to. Our door is always open to new ideas. The key to being successful in business is innovation, and that’s what we are always looking to do is innovate and do things that are different and new and exciting. So certainly the door is not closed on  the Shakedown or any other event that  would be able to operate within the parameters our facility unfortunately is forced to abide by. There is absolutely no strife between Dave Hance and his team at New York Motorsports and Raceway Park. We have a great working relationship. We laugh and joke all the time. There’s certainly no bad blood. But for 2013, right now there’s nothing on the schedule. That may change. That may not. Anybody that calls us, we make them aware of what we are able to do for them. If the event falls within that, then great. If not, we simply can’t jeopardize the relationship we have with our municipalities which has taken many, many years to cultivate and keep in good faith. It’s just not something we are willing to jeopardize.”
CP: During the Saturday of the Shakedown, you had the computer/timing system crashes. The technicalities are complicated. But had Dave been able to run the cars, racing would have wrapped up well within the time limits, presuming no oil downs or accidents to delay the progress of qualifying. That put Dave in a tough spot, as the crash wasn’t his fault and he wanted to be fair to his racers. It ate up the time he could have used to complete the event as scheduled. First of all, what happened? And does Raceway Park have an obligation to him to make up for that somehow?
DN:  “With regards to the Saturday qualifying, we obviously were dong our best to locate the stray voltage that was coming into the system. We zapped one computer along with the scoreboards. Then we plugged in another computer and we ran for awhile and again stray voltage made its way into the system. At that point, losing those two systems, we were down to one back-up, and we certainly weren’t ready to plug in the last PC until we found out where the stray voltage was coming from. At that point, we began to shut down the system, almost do a system-by-system check. It’s a very unfortunate situation. It had never happened in the 48-year history of Raceway Park. But it must be understood by racers, spectators, and organizers that there is always the unforeseen, whether you’re dealing with track seepage that puts you on hold — that’s been an issue for some racetracks with water coming up through the track: ‘Well, it’s not raining but we can’t race because of this problem.’  There have also been safety issues where a car has hit a guardrail and they’ve had to stop racing because a section of the guardrail is missing and they have to repair it. When those unforeseen things occur, you do your best. And that’s what I think we did. My brother Alex got on a plane leaving from our airport [that's about a football field away from the racetrack] and flew to Atco Raceway, where he obtained two back-up computers, one form Atco and one from another racetrack. And we were able to get our system up and running, albeit without the scoreboards. With professional drag racing, regardless of what the circumstance is, when one qualifier is completed of the pro cars, the pro-level cars — for example, at an NHRA national event, when one full round is completed it’s considered complete the day of qualifying. We were able to get up and running. We were able to do the Pro Modified session, the Pro Import session, and we considered that a completed day, again, as it would be if it was seepage or a rain delay or what have you. Then on Sunday we were informed by the race organizer that not only would there be additional qualifying, which we had not planned on, but  also race fields that had been 16 cars would now be 32 cars. We make it a point to very carefully time ourselves out. So with those last-minute changes, we knew at that point that it was going to be impossible to finish all of the race classes. And as you know, there were [four] race classes that were unable to come to completion. Part of the excitement of  drag racing is how unpredictable it is. And that goes for the business side, as well. It’s very unpredictable. I think Saturday should be considered a completed event, albeit with delays that were unforeseen.  But you can’t keep adding qualifiers or moving qualifiers. You kind of have to stick to your schedule. On this one we took our lumps. And some racers are not happy with us. As anyone who own or runs a business knows, sometimes you have to make tough decisions. And while you want to be everybody’s best friend, at the end of the day, you have to worry about business and keeping that in line. We would have loved to never had any of those glitches and run everything. But at the same time, you need to follow the time schedule that you’ve prepared. Had we not had to run additional qualifiers, perhaps we could have finished on time. It’s a New York Motorsports event, and those are the people we’re looking to appease. They deal with the racer, and if the racer wants something, then we’re going to do our best to provide them with that. We think that we did our very best in a really tough situation.”
shakedown napp interview2CP: So it sounds like you’re saying Dave pushed the rules a little bit, pushed his limits, pushed the envelope, if you will.
DN: “Whenever you add an additional round of drag racing to a class, going from a 16-car, four-round eliminator to a 32-car, five-round eliminator, you need to anticipate that there are going to be repercussions, as the facility simply doesn’t have the time to add an additional round in that narrow 10 a.m.-to-7:30 p.m. curfew. That was explained to the group that runs the Shakedown, and they understood that and were willing to do that. They were willing to try to get their way through it and hope for the best. Had Sunday been perfect and there wasn’t a single oildown or a single delay, maybe he would have been able to finish it. Dave and his team thought the best way to accommodate the racer was to add qualifying and expand the size of the field. I think that was probably a good decision on their behalf. Thought he classes didn’t come to completion, they were aware that there were unhappy racers in their pit area. This is drag racing, and sometimes you have to make calls — ‘Oh, boy are we going to be able to do it or not?’ – But  there were last-minute adjustments made, and we did our best to accommodate those adjustments.”
CP: Did you or anyone at Raceway Park suggest specific format style changes he might want to consider?
DN:  “That never came from anybody on my side of things. I don’t have any knowledge of anything like that taking place.”

CP: So if Dave were wiling to change his program — change the schedule, change the format — you feel confident you could work out a deal?
DN:  “I’m confident that if the event were to be organized in a way that the Raceway Park staff felt we could operate within our parameters, then yes. I do think that we could move forward.”
CP:  So you did not slam the door on Dave Hance and say, “Don’t come back.”
DN: “Not at all. The door is open. The lines of communication are open. We hope to see the Shakedown in whatever form — whether it be at Raceway Park or it be elsewhere. We wish everyone on that team the best. I think they’ve got a great product, certainly something that people are logging onto [online] and checking up on. There’s definitely plenty of interest. At this time, Raceway Park can’t satisfy the needs of the event, due to our legal obligations. We’ve always worked really well together. Everybody’s always done really well. Michelle obviously is like family to us. I don’t want to [say] and anything was done wrong. It’s as simple as this: Dave wants his event to grow. He doesn’t want it to shrink. He’s moving forward. He wants to do more with this event. We can’t accommodate that.  So I suppose he made a decision just to take a hiatus or not continue it.  He did request the ability to expand the event. And we simply can’t do it. We just don’t have the [noise] days to do it. I don’t know what he has decided, but right now it’s not on our 2013 schedule. And that’s completely on the decision of the Shakedown group. Raceway Park would love to move forward on a partnership with them. The ball’s in their court. Whatever they do, we certainly wish them the best. They’ve treated us world-class, and we’ve tried to do the same back. It’s one of our fans’ favorite events. There’s always a buzz and they get a good turnout for it. It’s going to definitely be an event that ‘s missed on the calendar. “

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The Shakedown Nationals Drag Race Era Comes to an End After 10 Wonderful Years Filed under: Shakedown 2012 Drag Racing News |

I would like to thank all of our racers, sponsors, fans & vendors for supporting the Shakedown Nationals drag race event for 10 great years. The Shakedown race started out as a 12 car shootout and ended in its 10th year with 271 high powered teams doing battle down the famed E’town 1/4 mile drag strip. There have been many record setting moments over the last 10 years, and I will cherish them all. The Shakedown race was never perfect, and please know we always did what we thought was best for the race.

Our 10 Shakedown events & single Palm Beach event were awesome. However, to continue promoting additional events at this time is not feasible for my family and me.

We thank Englishtown for the opportunity to work together for 10 great years.

David Hance
New York Motorsports

Speedtech Shakedown Nationals 10 Media Policy Filed under: Shakedown 2011 News |

Speedtech Shakedown Nationals 10 Media Policy

Due to very strict New Jersey State Police and NHRA policies, all media representatives covering Shakedown Nationals 10 must be aware of the new restrictions. Effective immediately, photographers and videographers are permitted to cover the race from the starting line out 100 feet only. Photographers/Videographers are not permitted to be on the racing surface whatsoever. Photos/videos can only be taken while standing on the grass area. Do not run across the bleach box to get to the other side. You need to cross from one side of the track to the other under the tower. Photographers/Videographers are not permitted to stand in the middle of the race track taking photos or on the cement guard walls. Step stools are permitted. This is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY.

We will approve each and every one of your media requests. However, in order to accommodate all of our media requests, we must limit starting line access. Deadline Media will have unlimited starting line access, all others, Non-Deadline Media, will have limited starting line access in rotation.

We will have a section of our starting line grandstands reserved for media access only. All Deadline Media and Non-Deadline Media are welcome to cover the event from this area.

Upon arrival, all media please report to Press Room/Suite 101, which will open at 12 noon on Friday, 7 am on Saturday and 7 am on Sunday. Show your photo ID, sign the Insurance Waiver and you will receive a media wristband. For Deadline Media, you will also receive a photo vest and a starting line wristband.

Non-Deadline Media will have their time on the starting line in rotations. If there is more than one person in your Non-Deadline Media group, you will be issued one photo vest. You will need to return to Press Room/Suite 101 with the vest along with the next person from your group to cover from the starting line to exchange the vest. The first person will have his/her starting line wristband removed, and the second person will receive a starting line wristband.

Deadline Media only are permitted to work in Press Rooms/Suites 101-103. A room is not available for Non-Deadline Media.

We are not responsible for computers, cameras, other equipment or personal belongings left unattended on the premises.

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in all photo privileges being revoked immediately.

Thank you so much for your cooperation.

The Mike Romeo Raffle Shakedown Edition: Filed under: 8.50 Index| drag racing news| goDragRacing.org| Heavy Street| Shakedown 2011 News| sponsors news |

The Mike Romeo Raffle Shakedown Edition:
During the course of the Worlds Quickest And Fastest Outlaw Drag Race, there will be a raffle going on to benefit “Mike Romeo”. Mike Romeo was a HUGE part of the Index Drag Racing scene who passed away just last August 8th 2012 in a two car accident in Warwick, PA. Mike was the husband and father of three young boys, ages 9 and 7. Benefits from the raffle are 100% geared towards helping the family of our fallen friend and racer.

The Mike Romeo fund raiser that we had at the Yellow Bullet Nationals was a huge success. I want to thank everybody that purchased tickets and donated money to the raffle, without your support we would not have been able to do what we did. It was so successful that I decided to try it again at the Shakedown At E-town. Over the next few weeks I hope to gather enough donations to make this one bigger than the last raffle.

Mike Romeo Raffle Shakedown Edition “Yellow Bullet Forums Main Link

Raffle Ticket Pricing
10.00 Gets you 1 Raffle Ticket

20.00 Gets you 4 Raffle Tickets

100.00 Gets you 25 Raffle Tickets (5 Free)

200.00 Gets you 50 Raffle Tickets (10 Free)


You will be able to purchase 1 Prize Raffle ticket for 10.00
Or you can purchase 4 Prize raffle tickets for 20.00
These tickets will only be sold at the track and will be sold Saturday and Sunday.
The Prize Raffle will be done on Saturday and Sunday and we will start selling tickets as soon as we are able to set up on both days.
Saturdays Prize drawings will start at 3 PM and we will continue until 8 PM. We will pull MULTIPLE winners at the top of every hour. You will be contacted via cell phone or text message if you win. On Sunday we will start pulling winners at 11 AM and continue until 5 PM.
The hourly winning tickets will be posted at the prize tent. Winners must pick up there items by 7 PM on Sunday evening or the winning prize will be forfeited back to us and we will then sell or Raffle that item at the next fund raiser for Mikes family.

The easy way to explain it is.

I am going to write down all the donated prizes on 3×5 cards. Each 3×5 card will be placed in a sealed envelope and placed into a Prize Raffle bucket.

We are going to take your 1/2 of the raffle ticket with your name and phone number on it and place that in a Raffle ticket bucket.

We are going to pull a Raffle ticket from 1 bucket, we are then going to pull a random prize from the prize raffle bucket.
what ever that prize is…..is what you are walking away with.

We might be pulling 3-4 winners an hour for the 2 days.
Depends on the total amount of prizes.

Example I pull (insertyour name here) raffle ticket, I then pull an envelope with a set of mickeys in it…..guess what you won. A pair of Mikey Thompson tires

A big THANK YOU goes out to ALL the companies and individuals that are making this happen,

The list starts.


The BIG ASS LIST of donated prizes as of 10/04,

Let’s welcome Joe Rivera and Pro Torque back to the party. Joe has to recover from the Yellow Bullet Nationals before he tells me what he is in for. I can tell you he was in big time AT YBN, with multiple gift certs and a bunch of swag.

Let`s welcome Chris and Fast Mover Motorsports to the raffle.
Chris is in with some Fast Mover Motorsports swag,

Let`s welcome Shawn Zubler and the Kos Motorsports team back to the raffle.
Shawn and crew are in for T-shirts and all the help and support we need at the raffle.

Please welcome Vortech Engineering to the Romeo raffle.
John and the guys at Vortech are in for some Swag, But I won’t know till I cut the package open.

Please welcome back X275 Motorsports and Salvato Designs.
They are in once again with a swag pack consisting of…… Hat, T-shirt and Sweatshirt in your choice of colors.

Please welcome YB Member 71Monte and Q.C Coatings to the raffle.
They are in with a $250 gift certificate for any powder or ceramic coatings. They are also going to bring a brand new set of Hooker Headers part # 2451 coated in house at Q.C coatings.

The kids with the big hearts and the Neon Green bracelet’s will be on the grounds for the weekend. These kids have been going strong selling there remembrance bracelet’s for a few weeks now at all the local tracks. With every penny they raised being donated to the family. Awesome job kids.

Yellow Bullet member chriscrna and his company MIA Wings are on board this time around.
Chris stepped up and is offering 2 custom wings to be given away, winner’s choice.

Let me just tell you how great a person Randy Jewell of River Marine is. Randy donated items for the Romeo raffle at the Yellow Bullet Nationals. Somehow the items got delayed and did not show up on time. When Randy found out there was a problem he made sure there was a package rushed to me overnight from Idaho. So yesterday the original package shows up and I send Randy a p.m. asking what I should do with it. Randy told me to just keep them for the next raffle at shakedown. If you are looking for a new hitch for your truck please contact Randy aka spuds (yellow bullet screen name). Randy sells the complete line of Inventive products.

Please welcome Jake Niergarth and Tial to the Romeo Raffle.
They are in with shirts and hoodies, (But I got Bill Lutz reaching out for me).

Let`s welcome Proline Racing to the Romeo Raffle.
Eric, Doug and Bud are in for some Proline Racing swag

Please welcome Yellow Bullet Member allmotor408 and Fragola performance Products to the growing list raffle sponsors.
The first PM from allmotor408 said they were on board with 2 sets of AN wrenches for the raffle. That quickly changed when Debbie Fragola changed her mind and decided 2 was not enough, so she sent 4 sets and banners to be given away.

The list of unclaimed prizes and prizes that were donated back.
These items will be added to the Shakedown edition.

Donated back to the family,
Ford Motorsport 8.8 gears supplied by Downs Ford, Donated back by ?
The 9" Light weight strange spool, supplied by a YB Member, Donated back by ?
The Product Engineering -12 Fuel Filter, Supplied by H&J Motorsports Warehouse, Donated back by ?
S&W 100.00 Gift Card, Supplied by Lee and Brian (Big Country), Donated back by ?
Chiseled Performance Water Tank and Pump, Supplied by Robert @ Chiseled Performance. Donated back by Big Country
Inventive products Gift cert, Supplied by Rand Jewell of River Marine, Donated back by ?

Items that were never picked up by raffle winners,
***2 subscriptions to RPM Magazine Donated by RPM Magazine.***
3 T Shirt packages
***500.00 Powder Coating package Supplied By The Shop in Beltsville Md.***
*** These 3 items are tied to the YB Nationals so I have to see if they will still honor them for the Shakedown edition.

Please welcome A1 Racing Products to the Romeo Raffle.
In a text message from Tommy Romeo I was shocked to see A1 racing stepped up and donated a Simpson SFI-15 3 layer Fire suit with a value of 1900.00.

Please welcome Lorenzo`s Fast Flow Cylinder Heads to the list. 112 Reetz Ave, Hulmeville, PA 19047 (215) 750-8324 In A text message from Tommy Romeo I was excited to read Lorenzo`s Fast Flow was donating an Engine Dyno Session and 2 T-Shirts. That has to be 500.00 plus.

Let`s welcome Dave Acker and A&W Performance-Nitrous Products to the party.
In a Text message from Tommy Romeo I was happy to see Dave and A&W Performance were getting involved with the raffle. They are donating a Digital Nitrous Scale to the Romeo Raffle.

Please welcome Kevin Fiscus Racing and Prolite GPS Trackers to the Romeo Raffle.
Kevin has donated 1 of his GPS tracking systems to the raffle.

Please Welcome Comp Cams to the Romeo Raffle,
The great people at Comp Cams Donated two Gift Certificates for 250.00 (each) Off any 1 Comp Cams purchase at Jobber Pricing.

Please Welcome TCI to the Romeo Raffle,

The awesome folks at TCI Donated one Gift Certificate for 250.00 Off any 1 TCI Purchase at Jobber Pricing.

Special Racers Only Raffle Sponsored By Nyce1s.com
This Raffle will be held for Racers that are entered into a class at the SHAKEDOWN AT ETOWN. You can buy 1 raffle ticket and enter this raffle or you can buy multible raffle tickets and enter this and our special Mike Romeo Raffle. Only 1 entry per racer is allowed in this special drawing. Any questions please ask.

Lets welcome Julian and Nyce1s.com to the Romeo Raffle "THE SHAKEDOWN AT ETOWN" Edition. What Julian and the guys at Nyce1s have come up with for a racer only prize is a custom video production of your car. Each video will be placed on their Face book page and youtube channel, receive an email blast sent to 10,000 people and posted on 15 domestic related race sites. These videos will also have the Mike Romeo tribute image placed at the start and end of each video. These videos could be very helpfull for all the teams that are interested in securing sponsorship for upcoming races and next season.

Below is a sample of Nyce1s work,
Nyce1s – Marcus Thompson Turbo X275 Foxbody


Please welcome Wacky Worm inc. to the Romeo Raffle – SHAKEDOWN EDITION
There donation is for the drag racer that also enjoys an afternoon on the lake.
The box stuffed full of their fishing products.

Please send a warm YELLOW BULLET Welcome to the guys at Neal Chance Racing Converters. These guys have stepped up big time with their donations to the Mike Romeo Raffle "The SHAKEDOWN AT ETOWN" Edition. The guys at Neal Chance Racing Converters have offerd up a winners choice of an 8", 9", or 10" Bolt Together Steel Torque Converter. This Neal Chance Racing Converter will be built custom to the winners specs. They are also going to toss in some T-Shirts for some runner up packages.

Please Welcome Bonehead Performance and Powder Coating to the Rome raffle List. In A text message from Tommy Romeo I was excited to read that the guys from Bonehead Performance and Powder Coating are donating a 250.00 Gift Certificate good towards any powder coating purchase.

 A Big Thank You goes out to YELLOW BULLET Member Joe starias trans,
Joe contacted me about donating to the Romeo raffle at the YBN and I asked him if we could use his item for the raffle at the Shakedown, He said it was no problem. Joe won a Dads custom water/ice tank and he is not going to use it. So instead of selling the box he decided to donate it to our fund raiser to help the family. I just want to say Thanks Joe, awesome thing to do.
Joe Alagna
Staria’s Transmissions
1384 Middle Country Rd
Centereach, NY 11720-3539
Tel: (631) 732-7400

A big Thank You goes out to Yellow Bullet member Shifter,
Lou has offered another custom set of ear plugs to be fitted at the Shakedown At Etown. He will then finish the molds in his office and mail them directly to you. This prize is only available on Saturday, The only day Lou is available to do it. This is the second time Lou has stepped up and offered this donation

Lets welcome BACK Julian and Nyce1s.com to the Romeo Raffle "THE SHAKEDOWN AT ETOWN" Edition. This is their second item donated to the Rome raffle. This time the guys are donating a Nyce1s.com Prize pack. This prize will contain a Nyce1s t-shirt, 2 decals and 2 of our most recent DVDs.

Please welcome Brian Ellerkamp and Quick Latch To the list of companies that have stepped up and made a donation to our fund raiser. Brian has donated a set of twist lock fasteners, http://www.quik-latch.com/quik-latch-twist-lock.htmland he has also donated four of the mini latch fasteners, http://www.quik-latch.com/quik-latch-mini-latch.html. More info about his Quick Latch products can be found at,

Please welcome Kevin Derochie and Kirkey Racing Fabrication to the Mike Romeo Raffle
"THE SHAKEDOWN AT ETOWN EDITION". Kirkey Racing is sending us a Drag Seat and Cover to give away at the Raffle.

Please welcome Glenn from shortchutes.com to the long list of donators.
Glenn is on board with 2 of his kick ass parachute hitch covers. These hitch covers are bad ass, just came in.

Please welcome Neal & Jason from Torodyne Starter & Alternator.
Neal and Jason and Torodyne Starter & Alternators are donating a
Brand New Chrome Tilton Starter for the raffle…

Torodyne Rebuilders
1070 Swamp Rd
Rushland, PA 18956
(215) 598-3105

Please welcome Debbie Ledman and Aeromotive Inc. to the big list of comapnies that are stepping up and helping out. Aeromotive has donated T-Shirts, Banners and a 200.00 Gift Certificate good on ANY Aeromotive Product.

Lets welcome Brandi Alston and Chris Alston’s Chassisworks to the Romeo Raffle. The great folks at Chris Alston’s Chassisworks have donated 1 of their 15 degree angled 10 pound nitrous bottle mounts and nitrous bottle handle. This bottle mount is a pretty trick piece.

Lets welcome Nitrous Express to the list of companies that have stepped up and donated to the Rome Raffle, "The Shakedown edition".
The guys at Nitrous Express have donated Three 100.00 Gift Certificates to be given away as raffle prizes.

Please welcome Yellow Bullet Member matttuckerracing and Track Mats to the Rome Raffle. Matt will be donating one of his kick ass 12×24 Track Mats in Black. If your a racer and need a Mat before the SHAKEDOWN AT ETOWN You better pick up the phone and give Matt a call.
Matt Tucker Racing

Here is a thread with some pics,

Lets welcome Clayton Murphy and Chassis Engineering to the long list of companies and friends that have donated to the Romeo Raffle. Clayton and Chassis Engineering are sending us one of their Top Gun Anti Roll Bar kits, A Stand Up Nitrous Bottle holder and a bunch of T-Shirts to give away at our fund raiser.

Please welcome Hoosier Tire to the Romeo Raffle "THE SHAKEDOWN AT ETOWN EDITION"
Hoosier Tire has Donated some Hats, T-shirts, Banners and Cups for us to put together some cool packages to give away.

Please welcome Yellow Bullet member racingontens and the 10wideracing.com guys on board to the Romeo Raffle. Brian Hansen and 10wideracing.com have stepped up and donated four DVD packages. Each package will include 8 drag racing DVD`s from the 2010-2011 seasons.

Please welcome Thomas and FEATHERCARBON.COM on board to support the Romeo Raffle. In the quickest email response to date,
Thomas and FEATHERCARBON.COM are going to donate a few sets of their kick ass Feather Carbon fiber roll bar covers.

Tim Lewis and the good folks at RPM Magazine,
We have two 1 year magazine subscriptions left from the Yellow Bullet Nationals. I spoke with Tim Lewis and they are ok with us giving them away at the Shakedown fundraiser.

Yellow Bullet Member Steve, cut loose racing,
and his company "THE SHOP" located in BELTSVILLE MD. Donated a 500.00 gift certificate for us to give away at the Yellow Bullet Nationals. This is one of the unclaimed prizes and Steve is ok with us giving it away at the Shakedown fundraiser.

Please welcome JAZ PRODUCTS to the Romeo Raffle "THE SHAKEDOWN AT ETOWN EDITION"
The great folks at JAZ PRODUCTS have stepped up and are sending us Hats, T-shirts and Jugs
to help us with our fund raising efforts. We are going to put some pretty cool packages together
for you to win.

Please welcome LONG TIME Yellow Bullet member docoldsotherhalf and Laurer Racing To the Romeo Raffle.
Laurer Racing were unable to make the Yellow Bullet Nats and are now unable to make the Shakedown At E town.
Since they cant purchase any tickets to help us with our fund raising docoldsotherhalf is making a donation to the
Romeo Raffle. Laurer Racing is donating 2 ladies PINK Yellow Bullet shirts for us to add to our Romeo Raffle.

Carmen and Audio Creations Motorsports have stepped up for a second time to show
there support for the Romeo Raffle. They made a donation for the YBN and are now in for the
Shakedown Raffle. Carmen and Audio Creations Motorsports are donating a Kenwood
car Stero/CD player model KDC-X494 to help with our fund raiser.

So if you’re in South jersey, Philadelphia, or Delaware
Please stop by and show some YB support to,

Audio Creations Motorsports
541 Kings Hwy
Woolwich TWP, NJ

Please welcome Yellow Bullet member n20mstr (Tony) and The Kemperle Organization to the Romeo Raffle,

Albert Kemperle PBE supplier would like to donate the following:

3. Loctite Chemical Packages which include Epoxys and Adhesives which can be used for quick repairs at the racetrack,
Perfect to have in your trailer. These are valued at $70.00 each.

4. AlberKemperle Hand Cleaners. These are 2.5 liter bottles and are perfect for use at the track and to store in your trailer.
These are valued at $32.00 each.

3. Albert Kemperle Detail Package, Includes a 4 pack of Microfiber Cloths, Wash Mitt and Wax Applicator.
Each package is valued at $25.00.

2. Small Portable Table Top Gas Grill,
Also perfect to have in your trailer.

As an Albert Kemperle employee for almost 12 years I know there are a lot of our customers racing at the Shakedown. IF anyone needs any more information, whatever state they live in they can always call me at 914 937 7400 or 800 717 4625….its an honor to help out Mikes family, Mike was always a friend at the track.
The Kemperle Organization is a leading professional distributor of Auto Paint, Body and Equipment. Kemperle offers a vast diversified and innovative product assortment of automotive finishes, supplies, tools and equipment. Since 1940, Kemperle has been supplying the automotive, fleet, marine, aviation, and industrial markets with the highest quality of products and customer service in the industry. Please go to the website for locations and information. WWW.KEMPERLE.NET

Please welcome Jesel back on board for round 2.

Jesel donated big time for the Romeo Raffle at the Yellow Bullet Nationals and they have done it once again for THE SHAKEDOWN AT ETOWN Raffle.
Rob Remesi and the Awesome folks at Jesel went big once again with there donation. They are going to donate……

2. 100.00 gift certificates
A dozen T-Shirts
And a Big Block Chevy Belt Drive Kit

Talk about a company that gives back to its racers. Jesel made 2 very big donations to the Romeo Raffles. Please if you are on the fence about their products and their dedication to the racers I hope this helps make your decision easier for you. Support the companies that supports its racers.

BTW This goes for all the companies that have donated.
A special thank you goes out to Tommy Romeo for reaching out to Rob and Jesel.

Update #1

Updated, I missed the F.A.S.T Gift Cert and put it as 2 Comp Cams Gift Certs.

Please Welcome Comp Cams to the Romeo Raffle,
The great people at Comp Cams Donated one Gift Certificate for 250.00 Off any 1 Comp Cams purchase at Jobber Pricing.

Please Welcome TCI to the Romeo Raffle,
The awesome folks at TCI Donated one Gift Certificate for 250.00 Off any 1 TCI Purchase at Jobber Pricing.

Please Welcome F.A.S.T to the Romeo Raffle,
The great people at F.A.S.T Donated one Gift Certificate for 250.00 Off any 1F.A.S.T purchase at Jobber Pricing.

The New Speedtech Corp. now 10th annual Shakedown Nationals Title Sponsor!!!!!!!!! Filed under: Shakedown 2012 Drag Racing News |

New York Motorsports is happy to announce the new “SPEEDTECH” Corp. as the TITLE SPONSOR for the 10th ANNUAL SHAKEDOWN NATIONALS !!

The new SPEEDTECH Corp. will be offering Performance Products & Services to Drag Racers WORLD-WIDE ! 2013 season championships will no doubt be influenced by the new SPEEDTECH Corp., which expects to be up & running prior to the 2013 Season.

The leadership Team at the new SPEEDTECH Corp. has been a long time supporter of the SHAKEDOWN NATIONALS. We thank them for their continued support and look forward to working with the new SPEEDTECH Corp. for years to come.

The Shakedown event & SPEEDTECH Corp. share a common GOAL: RECORD SETTING PERFORMANCE. Please consider the new SPEEDTECH Corp. for your 2013 performance needs.

The new SPEEDTECH Corp. will issue a press release & mission statement in the coming weeks.

NHRA License and Membership Info Filed under: Shakedown 2012 Drag Racing News |

NHRA License and Membership Info:
Due to very strict New Jersey State Police and NHRA policies, all drivers competing at the Shakedown Nationals 10 must have a valid NHRA competition license, current chassis certification and a current NHRA membership. This is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY.
Chassis Certification Info:
Bob Nixon, NHRA Tech Inspector, will be present from 10 am until 5 pm on Friday and 8 am until 12 noon on Saturday or until completion to perform chassis certifications for Shakedown Nationals competitors only.
The price is $240 for Pro Mod and Pro Import
The price is $190 for Limited Street, Outlaw 10.5, Heavy Street, 8.50 Index, X275 and Top Sportsman
License/Membership Info:
All Shakedown Nationals competitors must have a valid/current NHRA license.
For racers with an IHRA or ADRL license, you must have an NHRA license to compete in this event. You will need to bring the following to the control tower room # 104. All fees listed on NHRA forms.
1. Valid/current IHRA or ADRL license
2. A completed NHRA Crossover form –


3. A completed NHRA Physical form –


4. A completed License Fee form – http://www.nhra.com/contacts/forms/license_app.pdf
5. A completed NHRA Membership form – included in license fee form
6. A valid/current time slip from the last three month’s representative of your car’s elapsed time and mph
7. A Raceway Park track manager will sign your NHRA paperwork
8. A current NHRA licensed driver in your category must also sign your NHRA paperwork
Raceway Park will then fax your paperwork to NHRA. Upon their review and approval, your license will be faxed back to us. You cannot compete at the Shakedown Nationals until your license and membership is approved.
Not responsible for typographical errors.

2012 Payout Filed under: Shakedown 2012 Drag Racing News |

Shakedown Nationals 10
2012 Payout

Pro Mod – Total – $34,200 Cash – 32 Car Qualified Field
$20,000 Winner
$2,000 Runner Up
$1,000 Semi Finalists
$750 Quarter Finalists – Third Round
$500 Eighth Finalists – Second Round
$200 Sixteenth Finalists – First Round

Top Sportsman- $10,800 Cash – 16 Car Qualified Field

$5,000 Winner
$2,000 Runner Up
$500 Semi Finalists
$300 Quarter Finalists – Second Round
$200 Eighth Finalists – First Round

Outlaw 10.5 – $15,800 Cash – 16 Car Qualified Field

$10,000 Winner
$2,000 Runner Up
$500 Semi Finalists
$300 Quarter Finalists – Second Round
$200 Eighth Finalists – First Round

Limited Street – $10,800 Cash – 16 Car Qualified Field

$5,000 Winner
$2,000 Runner Up
$500 Semi Finalists
$300 Quarter Finalists – Second Round
$200 Eighth Finalists – First Round

X275 – $10,800 Cash – 16 Car Qualified Field**

$5,000 Winner
$2,000 Runner Up
$500 Semi Finalists
$300 Quarter Finalists – Second Round
$200 Eighth Finalists – First Round
** If more than 30 cars, field will be increased to 32 cars and $100 will be paid to the Sixteenth Finalists.

Heavy Street – $10,800 Cash – 16 Car Qualified Field

$5,000 Winner
$2,000 Runner Up
$500 Semi Finalists
$300 Quarter Finalists – Second Round
$200 Eighth Finalists – First Round

8.50 Index – $10,800 Cash – 16 Car Qualified Field**

$5,000 Winner
$2,000 Runner Up
$500 Semi Finalists
$300 Quarter Finalists – Second Round
$200 Eighth Finalists – First Round
** If more than 30 cars, field will be increased to 32 cars and $100 will be paid to the Sixteenth Finalists.

Pro Import – $10,800 Cash – 16 Car Qualified Field

$5,000 Winner
$2,000 Runner Up
$500 Semi Finalists
$300 Quarter Finalists – Second Round
$200 Eighth Finalists – First Round

Pro Street Bike – $7,600 Cash – 16 Bike Qualified Field

$5,000 Winner
$1,000 Runner Up
$400 Semi Finalists
$200 Quarter Finalists – Second Round

2012 Run Order Filed under: Shakedown 2012 Drag Racing News |


FRIDAY, October 12th

10:00 am – Gates Open
10:00 am – 10:00 pm – Competitor Parking / Tech Inspection
5:00 pm – First call 8.50 Index

5:30 pm – SESSION #1
Qualifier #1
8.50 Index
Pro Street Bike
Limited Street

7:30 pm – SESSION #2
Qualifier #2
8.50 Index
Pro Street Bike
Limited Street
10:00 pm – Close Gates & Secure Track

SATURDAY, October 13th

10:00 am – SESSION #1
Qualifier #3
8.50 Index
Pro Street Bike
Limited Street
Qualifier #1
Heavy Street
Outlaw 10.5
Top Sportsman
Pro Mod
Pro Import

1:00 pm – SESSION #2
Qualifier #2
Heavy Street
Outlaw 10.5
Top Sportsman
Pro Mod
Pro Import

5:00 pm – SESSION #3
Qualifier #4
8.50 Index
Pro Street Bike
Limited Street
Qualifier #3
Heavy Street
Outlaw 10.5
Top Sportsman
Pro Mod
Pro Import

SUNDAY, October 14th

9:30 am – ROUND 1 32 CAR FIELDS ONLY
8.50 Index ——- 32 CAR FIELD
X-275 ——————— 32 CAR FIELD


11:00 am – ROUND 1 {Continued} 16 CAR FIELDS
Pro Mod
Pro Import
Top Sportsman
Outlaw 10.5
Limited Street
Heavy Street
8.50 Index
Pro Street Bike

2:30 pm -ROUND 2 8 CAR FIELDS
Pro Mod
Pro Import
Top Sportsman
Outlaw 10.5
Limited Street
Heavy Street
8.50 Index
Pro Street Bike

4:30 pm ROUND 3 4 CAR FIELDS
Pro Mod
Pro Import
Top Sportsman
Outlaw 10.5
Limited Street
Heavy Street
8.50 Index
Pro Street Bike

8.50 Index
Pro Street Bike
Heavy Street
Limited Street
Outlaw 10.5
Top Sportsman
Pro Import
Pro Mod


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2012 New York Motorsports
Shakedown Nationals 10


October 12
10 am – 10 pm
Parking and Tech
2 Qualifying Sessions 5:30 & 7:30
(8.50 Index, Pro Street Bike, Limited Street & X275 only)

October 13
Gates open at 6:30 am for racers and spectators
Qualifying Sessions 10 am – 10 pm
Tech closes 3 pm

October 14
Gates open at 7:30 am for racers and spectators
Eliminations start at 9:30 am
Curfew 7:30 pm


October 12
$200 Racer Tech Card*
$200 Bike Tech Card*
$200 RV/Motorhome Parking**
$20 Adult Friday Only Pass
$10 Child (6-11) Friday Only Pass
$75 3-Day Adult/Crew Pass (Fri/Sat/Sun)
$30 3-Day Child (6-11) Pass (Fri/Sat/Sun)
Free Kids under 6
Parking is Free

October 13
$200 Racer Tech Card*
$200 Bike Tech Card*
$200 RV/Motorhome Parking**
$35 Adult Saturday Only Pass
$10 Child (6-11) Saturday Only Pass
$60 2-Day Adult/Crew Pass (Sat/Sun)
$20 2-Day Child (6-11) Pass (Sat/Sun)
Free Kids under 6
Parking is Free

October 14
$35 Adult Sunday Only Pass
$10 Child (6-11) Sunday Only Pass
Free Kids under 6
Parking is Free

* Racer Tech Card includes the Driver plus the tow vehicle, trailer & race car PLUS one (1) extra vehicle. Extra vehicle can be an RV/Motorhome.
** Any Spectator RV/Motorhome or Racer that already has an extra vehicle